Living a creative life takes courage, motivation and a lot of hard work.

WendyPortraits-146Daily life for me consists of solving design problems in fresh, highly visual, yet clearly understood ways. User experience design is the art of balancing business needs with an empathic understanding of the desires of actual people who will be using the product. Iteration, listening, and trying out new solutions have become second nature to me.

Designing a simple interface that is easy to use is a real challenge. Apple, Alan Cooper, Don Norman and yes, even Jakob Nielsen enjoy the same challenge: how to delight and not frustrate your customers. Discovering what is needed in an interface, and removing everything else that gets in the way is my passion, along with education. This is why I have invested the last decade of my life designing for educational institutions, including publishers, colleges and non-profits.

Sure, I’ve designed for big companies like IBM, and startups like USBuild in San Francisco, not to mention publishers McGraw Hill and Cengage Learning in Boston and Arizona. Now, the mountains of Colorado are my home, where Rally has taught me how to be agile in both work and life. My visual arts degree from UCLA provided entry to a creative life, and studying at Harvard for an MA in Museum Studies broadened my perspective on cultural education as an experience. My graduate thesis, “The Digital Curb Cut”,  was about making sure all persons can experience the cultural treasures of the world online, regardless of their abilities or (their device’s) limitations.

When I’m not designing wireframes or prototypes, I’m in my studio making art with alternative, historic photographic processes like cyanotype or gum bichromate. Or there’s an excellent chance I’m drinking Belgian beer or playing kickball with a rogue team of crazy people who love to win at childish games and have fun while they’re at it.

Wendy Constantine

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