Robert Dumas

As Executive Director of UX at Cengage Learning, Wendy worked for me in the role of Senior UX Designer. Her responsibilities included many facets of the UX process from interviewing stakeholders, user research, workflow/interaction design, wireframing, conceptual mock-ups through visual design. She is the proverbial UX unicorn as she expertly covers all aspects of the process.
Wendy was a key member of the team responsible for the design of Cengage’s flagship product, MindTap. She was my go-to designer for the toughest aspects of the design. She consistently delivered multiple high-quality design options for some of the most significant features. All of her designs were well thought out, and she was able to articulate difficult concepts not only through her designs but verbally to stakeholder teams. Wendy was consistently a top-performer on my team and the model for which I base my hiring decisions. Given the opportunity, I would hire her again with no reservation.